Packout Drawer Bit Stacker (4pc Set)

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The Bit Stacker!

Each Stacker Bin comes with three Long Bit Rails!

Two Bit Stackers stack perfectly within the Three Drawer Packout! You can even stack up to Three within the Two Drawer Packout!

These are completely customizable to your needs, with various options of rails to choose from! You can even add extras such as SDS, small Bit Rails, and even Jig Saw Blade holders! 

 - No Bits or tools included with this 4pc Set


- This was a collaboration project between Dan and myself, Be sure to check Dan out on instagram @Milwaukee_tool_addict 

- Special Thanks To ElectronSmith for his original design of the Packout Bins & Accessories, As a few of them were used and remixed into what the Packout Drawer's Bit Stacker System is today. Be sure to check out his other creations @