Universal Adjustable Nitro RC Engine Stand

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This is THE engine stand! I say this because not only does it hold every single Nitro Engine from Ground to Aviation, But also holds your engine as if it's levitating allowing you to nicely display your engine safely without worry. Each stand is made of a premium Matte Black PETG withholding stainless steel hardware. 

Simply loosen the Screw on the bottom, Adjust and fit to your engine. 


This engine stand idea came to me from a client of mine, As I used to make Stands for both Big & Small block engines. He brought to my attention that some of the more rare engines are actually completely different sizes all together! His idea was, "What about one stand that fits all?" Soon after, We give you guys the Adjustable Nitro Engine Stand!  

Thank you to my dear friend, Jessie Sadberry for this incredible idea!